Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sambong ( Blumea camphor) Herbal Medicine

One of the best way curing some sickness and diseases is by means of herbal medicine which is proven and more effective.

I prefer using herbal medicine for some sickness that i am facing sometimes.
One of the most popular herbal medicine present here in our country.


(scientific name: Blumea balsamifera) is a
amazing medicinal plant. It is a antiurolithiasis and
work as a diuretic. it is used to aid the treatment of
kidney disorders. The Sambong leaves can also be used
to treat colds and mild hypertension. Since it is a
diuretic, it helps dispose of excess water and sodium
(salt) in the body. Sambong is one herbal medicine (of
ten) approved by the Philippine Department of Health
(DOH) in treating particular disorders.

• Good as a diuretic agent
• Effective in the dissolving kidney stones
• Aids in treating hypertension & rheumatism
• Treatment of colds & fever
• Anti-diarrheic & Anti-gastralgic properties
• Helps remove worms, boils
• Treats dysentery, sore throat


• Boil the leaves as like tea and drink 3 or more times
a day.
• The leaves can also be crushed or pounded and
mixed with coconut oil.

More about Sambong

Folkloric uses:
# Leaves as poultice for abscesses.
# Decoction of roots and leaves for fevers and cystitis.
# Sitz-bath of boiled leaves, 500 gms to a ballon of water, for rheumatic pains of waist and back.
# Applied while hot over the sinuses. Used for wounds and cuts.
# Fresh juice of leaves to wounds and cuts.
# Poultice of leaves to forehead for headaches.
# Tea is used for colds and as an expectorant; likewise, has antispasmodic and antidiarrheal benefits.
# Postpartum baths.
# Decoction of leaves, 50 gms to a pint of boiling water, 4 glasses daily, for stomach pains.


apurva said...

Wow i will surely try out this remedy.Nice article and i hope will get more knowlegde reading your articles about herbal treatments.

Archie..my life said...

I loved this article.As i always said i do appreciate and have read ample of articles on skin treatments...Thanks for this one :)

Med Chem said...

nice post. great to know herbs with so many benefits.

healthy-lifestyle-tips said...

Nice post..I also heard that it gives relief of stomach and gas pain.
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