Friday, July 1, 2011

Overcoming Diseases during the Rainy Season

The Philippines now braces for rainy season.  And rainy season is synonymous to diseases. I don稚 like rainy season, I frequently got sick during this days.
 The rain carries the risk of contracting certain diseases like respiratory diseases ・cold, influenza, pneumonia and bronchitis; diarrheal diseases;  dengue;  malaria and leptospirosis.

It is likely to minimize if not overcome these diseases by observing some simple measures:
1. Use rain gear such as umbrellas and raincoats to avoid exposure to rain and cold weather.
2. Avoid crowded and poorly ventilated areas.
3. Avoid close contact with people who appear ill and who have fever and cough.
4. Drink only safe water傭oil water if its safety is in doubt.
5. Drain stagnant water from open containers such as drums and old tires, which are the breeding places of mosquitoes. Ensure that drains and gutters and sewage lines are not clogged.
6. Do not wade or swim in floodwaters.
7. Observe good personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. This include thorough washing of hands with soap and water especially before eating or touching the eyes and nose with the hands.

BY: KLennggg


addyforest said...

Nice blog..I found great information here. Please do visit my blogs as well.


Anonymous said...

I definitely see your point, Great Job.


apple said...

I agree with you that during rainy season, it also the time that diseases will attack us. We must take care of our self to avoid those diseases.

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