Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jasmine (Rosal) pus formation in Mother mammary gland

One of the fragrant flower we always picks and place it on the dinning table. We have this plant on our backyard. Our childhood friends always pick it up and place it on their ear for decoration. The plants can grow to 2 meters on height and spread as a shrub. The flower as a distinctive sweet fragrant smell. Some do it as a perfume and  sell it. Some cultivate it to make an oil or even necklace with the Sampaguita flower. I rarely saw this kind of plant now. This flower as a medicinal benefit.

The flowers helps checks secretion of milk in case of pus formation in the mammary glands of a nursing mother. In case of accumulation of pus in the mammary glans , crushed flowers are applied externally on the breast and this will check the secretion of milk.


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