Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crab's Eye for Chronic Conjunctivitis

The crab's eye is an annual twiner that grows up to 9 meters long. the leaves are alternated, compounded into pinnate arrangements. The seeds are red and black in coloured, called by the name given on the right. The flowers are in pink and purplish in colour.

Used in the case of chronic conjunctivitis  or inflammation of the mucous membrane connecting the eyeball and inner eyelid.

The seeds are crushed to obtain juice that is used in the proportion of 1:100 (one part of the juice and 100 parts of water) applied on the eyelid in the case of chronic conjucntivitis or inflamation of the mucous membrane

Parts use is seed

Must not be taken internally as seeds of the plant are poisonous and specailly dangerous to children, The external application must not be too frequent because it may cause reversal inflamation of the eyelid.


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