Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sugar for for continuous vomiting

I just suffered continuously vomiting when i attended a Youth leader seminar at nearby city. The food that i have taken is not digested well that is why i vomited upon going to our seminar. That day was so bad for me. I cannot even concentrate to the seminar. Whenever i take some water surely i will take it it out again and whatever food i will take same thing happen. I was suffering that whole day from continuously vomiting. I haven't taken any meal that day beside from breakfast until i gone to bed with no any food on my stomach. The second time i suffered from this is improper digestion of the Lunch i have taken.

This the time where my co-worker told me to take some sugar. A spoon of Sugar will help calm the stomach. Other said to take sweet drinks but i have tried that still i take it out. The best thing works for me every time i suffer from continually vomiting is a spoon of sugar.  This will be a good try it to your self.


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