Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bread Fuit (Rimas) for Boil with Pus, Rheumatism, Hernia

Upon looking on this tree you will not immediately distinguish whether this is a Bread Fruit or the Seeded one. I just found it on the net that this two are different. So what is the difference between this two and even with the jack fruit.  Maybe if you will cut this into pieces you will surely distinguish which is Rimas or the Kamansi.  To have more idea about their difference Rimas has a flatter outer skin unlike Kamansi which has a sharper spikes on its skin which is similar to Jack Fruit.  But the size will be smaller compared to Jackfruit of this two. The tree of this fruit grows like the Jack tree but the leaves is more bigger which are about 25 - 50 cm. We have this kind of tree in the mountain where we usually get the fruit and serve it as vegetable with coconut milk in it. This fruit usually served as an Indian fry or curry.

So what is the medicinal benefit for this kind of tree and fruit.  The fruit, leaves and latex are the parts of the tree that can be used to overcome boil with pus, rheumatism, hernia, and a laxative.

  • Just like Jackfruit this is good source of laxative when taking a cook vegetable. 
  • The latex of this plant is applied externally for children in case of hernia
  • The slice fruit and heated is good to apply on a boils with pus will surely help
  • Suffering rheumatism, boil some leaves and will be use for taking bat.
So you will know what are the difference of Rimas and Kamansi. And even its medicinal benefits.


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