Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yellow Bell for Colic and Abdominal pain and more

Allamanda or Yellow Bell is a climber plant that use as a ornamental. I usually saw this on our neighbors fences and some make it as a shed on their gardens. The flower is usually in yellow color which is like a bell. This plant is usually use as an ornament. The stem of this climber plant is hard unlike other climber plants. This plant is use as a medicinal plant.

This are the medicinal contribution of this plant

  • For colic or accute abdominal pain.
  • As good purgative which is stronger than a laxative
  • it is suggested as an antidote for poisoning

The preparation of this plant for medicinal use

  • Infusion of the leaves is recommended for accute abdominal pain. It also acts as a purgative
  • The bark in normal or small doses in decoction has cathartic or hydragogue effect. It helps in the evacuation of the bowels.

The bark and leaves is the part of the plant use for herbal medicine.


mohamed said...

thanks for this information. Really helpful!!

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