Saturday, April 2, 2011

Country Gooseberry for Ulcers , Cough and bronchitis

I usually see this on field with the growing crops like sweet potato. This is an annual, herbaceous, upright plant that grows to a height of 14-45 cm. The leaves are simple 2.5-6.3 cm in length, alternately arrange on the stem, ovate with serrate margins. The berry, which is 8 mm in diameter,is enveloped in an enlarged loose calyx. The seeds are discoid or subreniform and orange-yellow in colour.

This berry has a contribution in health field as a natural remedies as a laxative, expectorant or promoting discharge of urine, Splenomegaly or the abnormal enlargement of the spleen, ulcers, Cough and bronchitis. The preparation would be decoction of the thorouhly cleaned plant that is taken to take care of all the condition of the ailments that were mentioned.

So the next time you will see this plant with your crops and with the weeds try saving them.


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