Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dandruff Problem then use Apple Cider Vinegar

Having problem with dandruff. I saw many commercial on TV about dandruff. Some uses personalities that are so famous just to promote their product most of the time are shampoo. I have experience having dandruff when i use hair gel. Some of the particle of the gel leaves a dandruff on my head. But without using a special shampoo that promises to clear all dandruff. I found out some remedy and even my office mate told me about this. This is by using a Apple Cider Vinegar

To clear up dandruff you need to counter the cause of the problem: your scalp's acidic pH level. You need to use a Apple Cider Vinegar to  restore your scalp's natural alkaline pH level, prepare a cup of apple cider vinegar and pour it on your head while on bath and rinse it with water.
This is a good and easy way to overcome scalp.


verabear said...

THanks for the info, there are a lot of benefits of using/having apple cider vinegar and this is one more I wasn't aware of. :)

Tung Nguyen said...

Thanks for share
I think that it will help more people and become valuable information

Robert said...

Thanks for the remedy i was seeking some medical remedy for this dandruff problem for past 6 six now i have got an idea. Thanks once again

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