Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jack Tree, Jackfruit (Lankga) for Diarrhoea, Insect Bites, Asthma...

One of my favorite fruit is this large well known fruit with full of spikes in it. I thought that the tree itself is called Jackfruit, i usually call the tree also as Jackfruit.  I usually wait for the fruit to ripen on the tree and i will seperate the sweet pulp part inside of this fruit and use it for making shake. Jack Tree grows up to 10 meters or more than which has many branches.  And i even thought it is only good when it is ripe but most of my friend prepare this as a vegetable and also good with coconut milk in it. But what does this fruit contribute to the medical field as an herbal. 

One of the natural benefit of this is overcoming Diarrhoea, fever and Asthma, Ulcers, wounds, glandular swellings and insects bites. 

So how will you going to use this tree for some medicinal purposes.

The extracted and boiled root is a good remedy for diarrhoea, fever and asthma. And even the milky latex of the tree is good for the cure of ulcers, wounds, swelling, and insect bites. 

Taking the ripe fruit excessively will help for a good vowel movement as a laxative. 

So remember that it's not only the sweet pulp that contributed by this tree and fruit but also its medicinal benefit.


w0rkingAth0mE said...

many of our neighborhood have jackfruit trees and they are kind to give us always :)

MAC said...

I had never seen a Jackfruit until a few months ago when a new store opened in my area. They are huge and so different but I have no idea as to how they are eaten.

riezen said...

@workingathome my aunt has so many trees of this. I love visiting their backyard and see for a ripe jackfruit.

@mac Oh you better taste them and they are so sweet and nice. The yellow part inside which i soft is the one that is eaten. You can see the picture above on a white box, that is the one.

milan said...

nice one...we have a jackfruit tree in my house and i enjoy eating jack fruit :) and i loved this post great one...

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