Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swamp Cabbage (Kangkong) for Antidote on opium and Arsenical Poisoning

One of my favorite vegetable is Kangkong also known as Swamp Cabbage or River Spinach. It has a hollow stem, the leaves are oblong-ovate arrow sharp at base. It has a flower that usually white with a purple stain. This semi aquatic vegetable is very popular in Philippines. I love this on a soup like Sinigang , Sinigang na Bayabas, and even as Adobo. This vegetable is nutritious and very cheap which can be found on every market. My mom always prepares food with this vegetable. It is usually found on rivers and on swamp. I remember this during my high school days and always get some of this plant at a nearby river before going home from school. My cat do eats this vegetable also.

Beside from being a popular vegetable this cabbage is use a s a medicinal plant. This is used as

An antidote to opium and arsenical poisoning
Helps in checking general weakness and nervousness
This is a good source of a strong laxative.

So how to use this kind of plant as an herbal medicine,

The juice of the whole plant is a good source of laxative and good for opium and arsenical poisoning. You can use blender, chew, or even as a meal.

Decoction of the whole plant is also good for the people who suffer from general weakness and newvousness.


Elvie said...

i get bad stomach always after eating this, that's why even i like this veg, i try not to eat it.

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