Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Purple Yam (Ube) for Leprosy, Gonorrhea and more

Yam is very popular here in our country.  This commonly use to make a Kalamay a native Filipino Delicy. Some do it with a rice cake and other is pure. I have tasted candies, shakes, and other sweet delicious delicacy of this Yam. Yam is a plant the is a climber. We have cultivate this kind of plant usually place beside our guava tree and climbs all over. I saw two kinds of yam some bears fruit on its stem but other is the root itself which is the Yam. This is also commonly use wide as a vegetable. My mom always harvest this when holiday is coming and make some rice cake of yam. But beside from its being a vegetable and delicacy ingredients. It serves as a medicinal plant also.

Purple Yam Use in overcoming Anthlmintic, In Gonorrhoea, Piles, and Leprosy. The yam itself is the one who is used as medicine.

The serving of this is by cutting the boiled yam into cubes and eaten. It can be prepare also like a soup where boiled for 20-30 minutes and the liquid is taken as a soup. This is good for the ailments quoted above.


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